Melbourne’s Smart and Modern Apartments Now Selling

Queens View 168. Welcome to your new home.

Our brand new 13 apartments are now selling in Moonee Ponds. Located at 168 Pascoe Vale Road, Moonee Ponds, 6.5 kilometres from Melbourne's CBD, our apartments are at a great location, offering a perfect lifestyle. 


The Smart and Contemporary Apartments

The limited-edition Smart Apartments Residential Building are available in Moonee Ponds and include all our Smart Features – Smart Solar, Smart Digital Parcel Locker and Smart Digital Fingerprint Doorlock.

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Smart Parcel Lockers

Managing all your parcel deliveries, mail, and laundry 24/7

Your deliveries are safe and secure, eliminating knocks at your door, missing deliveries or having to collect items from the post office. Smart parcel lockers make your life more comfortable and relaxed.


The Apartment Features

All our apartments are built and designed with modern and elegant features

You have performed well today through the roles that life demands, but for now the curtain closes as you masterfully steer your car to park and the security gate locks behind you. Eagerly an energy surges into you as you casually walk towards the
private Smart Parcel Lockers that securely contain your latest purchases, deposited earlier by the couriers.


Welcome Home


The Living Room

Gingerly, slipping off those Stilettos, your tired feet feel the calming embrace of the cool European Oak Timber Flooring that lines the entire living room with its rich brown hues, accentuating the warm and luxury that pervades the space, that is your home.


The Balcony

BATHROOMv2 00a3.jpg

The wide kitchen counter beckons you to pour a glass of your favourite wine, and while it breathes, you have time to take a leisurely bath.

The Kitchen

With a range size of balcony spaces from 8m2  to 47m2  to choose from, you will find the perfect size for your lifesyle and needs.

Then when you are ready, with glass in hand, the Melbournian skyline draws you to relax at the balcony, admire the surroundings and to congratulate yourself for making the best life’s decision – your home on Queens View 168, Moonee Ponds.


The Samsung apartment door

Delightfully holding the parcel in hand, you saunter to the elevator while the building lights up, at once awakening the tired senses, nulled by the cacophony of the day. Arriving gently at your level, your Smart Digital Fingerprint Doorlock eases you
into the foyer of your new apartment.

The Perfect Home at the Perfect Location

Live Work Play

Queens View 168 offers easy access to local shopping and entertainment. The apartments are located 6.5km from Melbourne's CBD - Just a tram ride or cycle away. Every imaginable service is available from organic and regular groceries to a plethora of general and specialty retail, cafes, bars and restaurants, medical suites, schools and theatres, alternative therapies and fitness venues. The apartments are located at 168 Pascoe Vale Road Moonee Ponds.

168 Pascoe Vale Rd
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